Abarajame is a vinyl detective. As he digs deeper, one record often organically leads to the next. While he is mixing his identity becomes liquid, or at least, gel. He is always willing to jump between genres and rhythms with total freedom, from elusive atmospheres to asteroids and stardust packed roads. He loves action, he loves risk, but above all he loves the narrative that exists when playing two overlapped records.

“When we meet with the boys and we go to party – suddenly everyone becomes a child, it’s not serious anymore, that’s why I love so much the parties we are living in. We are doing everything for these parties because going to these parties is like going to the Kindergarten, going there and being a child.”

Villalobos (forever young)


Si una noche de invierno un viajero...


Con este track fue que descubrí a Axel Boman.


He is showing off.


Mad Rey es uno de mis productores favoritos.


Cada que conecto con una nueva disquera.


You need to ignore what everyone else is doing.


“Illumined Pleasures.” 1929. Oil and collage on composition board.


Máquinas perfectas.


¿Me acompañas al jardín?

mood capacity...

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